Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity: Seeds of Inspiartion

Seeds of Inspiration
Acrylic on hand cut wood
15ft x 7.5ft
Installed at the headquarters of Habitat for Humanity on University Ave and Prior St. Paul, MN

The image of a keyhole provides the focal point for the wood cut relief showing opportunities that lie just beyond the doorway.  The elements depicted in the different segments are inspired by stories of Habitat families: My First Home; Open New Opportunities; Put Down Roots; Donation of the Heart.

A home is a place to blossom and prosper; like Mother Nature, Habitat for Humanity plants seeds of new opportunities to support family growth. The color scheme is inspired by the diverse cultures of the Habitat family. During the Children’s Museum Event
I invited Habitat families, staff and volunteers to add the finished touches to my final work of art by allowing them to write messages on precut wooden seeds that were scattered throughout the installation. I've learned that when we share our stories with each other we discover we are not so different, and this helps us grow as a community.

Thank you Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and Springboard for the Arts for allowing me to share my passion with others. Without the love and support from everyone and especially Ashle Kubesh, I would have never been able to accomplish this turning point in my art career.

Please support these two wonderful organizations!


~Wood cut work in Progress~

~Inspired by Habitat families stories~

~Final concept design with color scheme~